The Indien-Insitut e.V. München’s mission and aim is to bring India’s manifold cultures in their numerous traditional and contemporary aspects as well as their development into a modern society into the focus of the broad public, especially in Bavaria.

Through infomative events and lectures, the Indien-Institut acts as a dialogue partner between India and Germany and facilitates the mutual understanding and friendship between modern India & modern Germany. Lectures, Seminars, concerts, Performing Arts, workshops, exhibitions, films and media information on a high level concerning important issues regarding India and its potential of cultural exchange with Germany.

Since 2001, the Indien-Institut has been awarding a bavarian youth award, which has since been granted three times.


The INDIEN-INSTITUT e.V. is a charitable non-profit organisation and funded through membership fees as well as subsidies and donations.

The annual minimum contribution for a membership is:

  1. Regular members: 60 €
  2. Family: 70 €
  3. Students: 20 €
  4. Businesses/Institutions: 300 €

The tax deductibility depends upon the valid legislation of the State.

Vorstand / Board Members:



Vorsitzende: Brigitte Molnar.

We are supported by the “Consulate General of India, Munich, Germany”.

Mr. Mohit Yadav